KunPrinter k86 Reprap Prusa mendel I3 DIY kits Desktop 3D Printer - Yellow

KunPrinter k86 Reprap Prusa mendel I3 DIY kits Desktop 3D Printer - Yellow
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Color Yellow + Multicolor
Model K86
Quantity 1 Piece
Material Stainless steel + PLA
English Manual / Spec Yes
Download Link http://www.reprap.org/wiki/KunPrinter-K86/zh_cn
Other Features 1, Get rid of the ugly screw, using optical axis structures, eliminate calibration machine trouble and also ensure the concise and easy appearance at the same time. Dominated by circular arc design, make the structure more delicate and compact.
2, Adopt symmetrical design, not only satisfy the overall visual aesthetic feeling but also makes the machine’s center of gravity in the centerline of the machine, ensure the stability of the machine running at a high speed.
3, Inspired by delat series 3D printer, with the method of distal extrusion, reduce quality of print head, make smaller inertia of the print head in motion, in order to gain better shape accuracy and higher printing speed. In actual use, printing speed can be up to 80 mm/s, empty moving speed can reach 230 mm/s. The printing head and the X slider use separation design, convenient to upgrade and extend.
4, Use one to two way to drive the Z axis, guarantee the two (left and right)sides of X axis absolute synchronization in the process of rise and fall, avoids the problems of X axis tilt. Convenient for manually adjusting X axis.
5, Z axis direction using T screw, guarantee the uniformity of the Z axis movement inside the space, as well as provides the basic hardware support for printing more thin layer of model. In practical use, print model in 0.05mm thickness.
6, Printing platform adopt four-point supporting, ensure platform operation stability.
7. 20cm x 20cm x 20cm modeling space, can satisfy the model printing.
8, Redesigning motherboard can be installed in 8 x 8cm cooling fan, which provide powerful backing for the motherboard radiator and basis for steady working in a long time.
9, Mainboard can work in 10V to 35V of wide voltage range, default working voltage is 12V.
10, The expansion of the motherboard include: LCD display, Wi-Fi wireless control, etc.
Packing List 1 x kunPrinter k86 3D printer DIY kits