BitMar All-in-One Streaming Platform: Lifetime Subscription for $29

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Unlock a World of Unlimited Streaming Without the Hassle of Subscriptions

BitMar is a next-generation, all-in-one, streaming platform. It can connect you to millions of on-demand movies, TV shows, channels, videos, and songs (from many different sources on the Web.) It, also, provides you with over 200,000 on-demand channels; locally, nationally, and internationally. Everything is organized in one place, on the devices that you already own; for a one-time payment—legally, and sustainably.

Why is BitMar so affordable?

With BitMar, you do not pay for content; but for access to the BitMar platform—similar to the concept of an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Is BitMar legal?

Yes. BitMar is compliant with the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act.) BitMar has found a sustainable streaming model, wherein content creators/owners (including TV networks, production studios, etc.) can monetize their creations, through the free traffic that BitMar brings to their content.

How does BitMar Work?

The BitMar all-in-one streaming platform operates as a content finder, using the same Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology behind the Bing search engine. However, unlike search engines, BitMar has been specifically optimized; by using additional, internal, algorithms that help to instantly filter streaming content, for your enjoyment. That combination is what provides you easy access to full movies, TV shows, channels, videos, and songs; in any language, from anywhere in the World.

What Content is Available, Through BitMar?

BitMar provides easy access to more movies, and TV shows, than: Cable, Satellite, Netflix, Disney Plus, Max/HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Peacock, and Hulu – combined – and more songs, than: Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, and Apple Music—combined.
While BitMar may provide easy access to select content, from some of the aforementioned providers, at no additional cost – even without a membership, to those services; as some of these are even TV channels, within BitMar – its main strength, is: the ability to help you to discover millions of on-demand movies, TV shows, channels, videos, and songs (smartly-filtered, from all over the Web); for a one-time-payment—legally, and sustainably.


4.1/5 stars on Google Play Store: ★ ★ ★ ★

Unlimited Streaming at Your Fingertips

Millions of movies: Stream millions of on-demand, free, movies on the Web; in any language (legally/free.)

Millions of TV shows: Access millions of (on-demand) national, and international, TV shows on the Web (legally/free.)

Over 200k channels: Search/browse over 200,000 on-demand channels (locally, nationally, and internationally; legally; free.)

Billions of videos: Search/browse all top video sites, at once, without any ads on most videos (legally/free.)

Millions of songs: Play unlimited songs, and mixes, on-demand, from virtually any artist (legally/free.)

Anywhere access: Access to international content, from anywhere. View supported devices

Clean interface: Very streamlined interface; with non-intrusive, closeable ads

International content: International (on-demand) channels, movies, music, and shows; included, at no cost (legally/free.)

One-time payment: No monthly, nor yearly, fees (legally.) Free trial; without a credit/debit card


System Requirements

All web-enabled systems


Windows (Native and Web Apps, and Browser Extensions)
Android (Native and Web Apps)
iOS (Web App and Browser Extensions)
Linux (Web App and Browser Extensions)
LG smart TVs (Native and Web Apps, and Wireless Casting/Mirroring)
Smart TVs (Web App, Wireless Casting/Mirroring)
Non-Smart TVs (Wireless Casting/Mirroring device/s required)
All other devices (Web App)


Important Details

Length of access: lifetime
Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
Access options: TV, gaming consoles, streaming boxes, car entertainment system, desktop & mobile
Max number of device(s): 5
Version: 3.1
Updates included
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